Monday, April 21, 2008

Easy Gro

Well another mini vacation over. Have the usual back to work anxiety tonight.

Got some good mail today. A friend sent me a pack of old horror movies including " Cult of the Cobra" and " Leech Woman". Got a nice postcard from Australia too.

My backyard and front, are starting to look like something. Not the scary mess they were. Amazing the plants buried under the leaves I had forgotten about .

Never made it to Home Depot, but went to the garden center instead. Bought some "Easy Gro"
perennials; the word easy was very appealing, and the price was right 4 for $10.00 . Now I have to wait a few weeks to plant anything else . We could still have frost, although it's hard to imagine since the weather is so nice now. In Calgary they had 40 cm of snow yesterday!

Even though they aren't bugging me at work, I'm still down about the whole situation there.
I don't want to push my life away, but I'm so looking forward to my break. I forget about the whole mess for a few days and then today started worrying again. I know that's pointless .
Can't help but wonder where I'll be this time next year.

Have tingling toes again this evening.

Monday night, Martial Arts Movie night. Hope it's a good one. I need some cheering up.


mdmhvonpa said...

REPENT!!! Return to the loving embrace of the Local Home Depot Temple and all will be forgiven by the orange clad acolytes!!!!

Taxingwoman said...

I'm saving that pleasure for next weekend .