Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What worth more: Food , Gas, or Time ?

High Food and Gas prices might be good for your health

I'm a wreck tonight. Decided to pack it in at work and start my leave now ! So I'm off till the end of July. I really wanted to hang in a little longer and make it at least to the end of the week. Can't, can't do it.

When I was leaving this afternoon I found out a bit of news ( can't go into details) that made me think "what goes around, comes around" . Not that I'm vindictive, but some people really do get carried away with a little bit of power and often it blows up in their face.

I'm having gut problems again. Oh joy, another strange tale for the doctor. This is something I've never experienced before and it's awful. What I hate most is it's waking me up during the night.

I've decided to chuck the once a week sleeping pill. I don't think it works anymore and I have a hangover feeling the next day . Well it was fun while it lasted.

Tomorrow I've booked a one hour consultation with the geeks to shape up my website. Hope I'm brain fit for that .

My typing really is getting bad No matter how hard I concentrate I make so many mistakes.
It's like my fingers won't go where I want them to.
So enough for now.


mdmhvonpa said...

I wonder if you can get a keyboard with bigger keys. They must have them out there.

Taxingwoman said...

Never thought of that Thanks I'll check it out.